Gilmer, Texas Hourly, Daily and Weekly Weather Forecast in Upshur County

Get the seven day and hourly forecast for Gilmer, Texas in Upshur County, including wind speed, cloud cover and humidity. The annual average temperature in Gilmer is 63.35°F, and the city has an average 46.82 inch annual precipitation (rainfall). The average annual high temperature for Gilmer is 75.9°F, and the average annual low temperature is 50.8°F. This is based on the last three full decades of climate data for Gilmer, Texas. View the weather forecast below for your full seven day forecast for Gilmer and hourly weather forecasts for the city. Gilmer has an average of 216 sunny days per year and 1 inch of snow per year. The high summer temperature during the month of July is around 93 degrees, and the winter low during the month of January is around 35 degrees for Gilmer, Texas. You can also obtain Gilmer, Texas weather powered by from our sister website - click here to get the weather forecast.

Daily Weather Forecast for Gilmer, Texas & Upshur County (7-day)

Hourly Weather Forecast for Gilmer, Texas & Upshur County (24-hour)

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